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Smrthi : Relive.Rewind.Revere

Smrthi is an ode to nostalgia. Festivals & parties are every bit a tradition as they are cultural. Deepavali for instance always takes us back to our childhood when this festival was celebrated with fervor. Likewise, every festive event brings back beautiful memories. We recall the food we ate, the outfits we wore and the people who made these days special & memorable. We practice rituals to create these very core memories. Rituals are a beautiful way to build positivity & good habits. When we look at it with cultural lens, these help us connect to our past. After all, it is during the festive period we bring out our best traditional wear. Isn’t it?

korvai Kanchipuram Silks
Kalamkari chiffon blouse

This year, our collection plays homage to this nostalgia. We have chosen to pick out styles that we have enjoyed wearing over the years. The korvai kanchipuram silks were commonly worn by our mothers and grandmothers. Today, a handful of weavers weave these beauties. Our love for Kalamkari comes up in the Kalamkari sarees as well as blouses we have paired them with. Tussars & organzas have been a staple at Aavaranaa and they are back with print & embroidery details.

Lastly, we have some skirts & lehengas for those of us who do not enjoy sarees. In fact, skirts are a great way to incorporate our heritage textiles and crafts. Why not pair a traditional blouse with a contemporary skirt? or a pavadai skirt with a cropped top? These are beautiful ways to incorporate our tradition into everyday styles.

Kanchipuram silk lehenga set

Smrthi allows us to relive memories. Smrthi rewinds & takes us back in time. Smrthi allows us to enjoy and revere these meories thorugh our clothing choices.

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